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Add skin tones filtering / detection

Want to get the color cloud of clothing on a model. ie swim suit, jewelry, glasses etc.

May be able to just ignore "skin tone" colors from return on client side.

Thoughts or ideas on how to get pink or coral from an image like this

Bob Clark , 26.07.2013, 05:35
Response from the site administrator
apicloud, 03.09.2013
Hi Bob,
Skin tone detection is ill-posed and rather hard problem, unfortunately. As it ranges “from the darkest brown to the lightest pinkish-white hues” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/human_skin_color), it’s practically impossible to filter skin tone without additional knowledge. So, in this case we could suggest using ColorTag API with sort=relevance and then skipping first values which correspond to skin tones on your images. This would certainly lead to skipping all beige clothing on Caucasian models, but it could resolve the problem with detecting major color on all the other images.
Idea status: under consideration


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